The Owl landed at the Upper West Side’s Gracious Home today to sample some of his delectable  blends. These iced tea treats were custom crafted for Gracious Home stores and are perfect for staying cool, hydrated, and satisfied!

Below, read up on a few Gracious Home custom blends the Owl can’t get enough of from morning to night, home to office, beach to gym!

Tea Menu:

Pineapple Chai: Invigorating and energizing, tastes like summer! Take a pitcher to the beach, or just imagine you’re there with this sunny flavor! Great for a mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up while at the office.

Berry Tisane: Hydrating and brimming with vitamins, a perfect sipper for pre- or post-workout!

Sleep Blend: The owl says: bring a mug to bed and catch some serious zzzzzzzzzzzz’s with our lavender and chamomile sleep blend!

HOOT HOOT!  Don’t miss out on several more flavors including the Arnold Palmer, Antioxidant Peach Green, and Detox Blend. Create your dream home with the help of these dreamy teas!

The Nesting Owl

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