Peach Green Tea Granita

Peach Green Tea Granita

The OWL loves tea in all forms, but this recipe, designed by Nicole Martin of Tea For Me Please, is perfect for a special treat on a warm summer day. Granita is an Italian specialty that originates from Sicily and can vary in ingredients and texture. While tea is not a traditional flavor base for this semi-frozen dessert, we think the combination of green tea and peach is both refreshing and delectable.


Serves 4 
  • 2 cups of hot water
  • Approximately 5 teaspoons of The Teaologist Peach Green
  • 1 tablespoon of agave nectar
1. Bring water to just before boiling and steep 2-3 minutes.
2. Stir in agave nectar, making sure that it is completely dissolved.
3. Pour into a shallow, freezer safe container.
4. Freeze for two hours.
5. Lightly scrape the frozen tea with a fork until it is broken into very small pieces.
6. Place back in freezer and repeat until the entire container has the consistency of a snow cone.
7. Serve in a small bowl and garnish with a pinch of tea leaves.
8. Enjoy on a nice summer day!

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