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OWL LANDING: Digg Inn Union Square


We are super excited that you can now find Brew Lab Tea iced teas being served up Digg Inn Union Square. This unique seasonal market is dishing up delicious food and making it their mission to make it easy to eat well. Chef Daniel Angerer is so good that competed on The Food Network’s “Iron Chef America”. The six principals listed on their Company Values page makes us proud to be a part of what they do


Openness, honesty, communication. We are transparent with each other, our customers, our vendors, and our friends and family. We fundamentally believe that an open, communicative relationship is the only means to a fruitful one. We are proud of who we are and what we do. We want to share.


Everyone is a person. Anyone who walks into our restaurants, whether to look around, use the bathroom, work, or enjoy some food, deserves to be treated with grace and respect. Treat everyone like your mom. Obvious, but not trivial.

Empowerment & Accountability

Teach a (wo-)man to fish. We believe in educating and empowering those around us, facilitating ownership and accountability. We find that absent these principles, the opportunity for forward progress is limited, whether it be in the context of a professional setting or a personal one. Without empowering our employees, we cannot grow and move forward as an organization. Without educating our customers, our ability to help them achieve their own goals, wellness or otherwise, is limited.

Relentless Improvement

Competitive drive, openness to innovation and change, never being satisfied with the status quo – we are committed to always doing better. We rarely find an instance that lacks the opportunity for improvement, and our competitive spirit drives us to innovate, enhance, and refine. If we are not moving forward, we are moving backward. Complacency is a big 4-letter word.


Avoiding the pitfalls of focusing on many things and being great at none. We realize that we can’t have it all and must constantly make trade-offs as we move forward and progress as a company.


We strive for balance, both in and outside of work. We seek balance for both ourselves and our customers – how we all live, eat, and enjoy life. Too much of anything just isn’t good for you, and we practice what we preach. We’re all in this together, after all.

See what we mean? Make sure that you stop by and get your fill of our four very special iced teas.



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After following his sweet tooth all over Manhattan, the Owl has landed on the Lower East Side’s Sugar Sweet Sunshine. For the last decade long time friends, Peg & Deb have established their bakery as a downtown destination. They have successfully assumed a reputation for not only offering wondrous baked goods, but for offering a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for the out of town shopper as well as the neighborhood regulars.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine offers cakes and cupcakes in every different size for every possibly occasion as well as pies, puddings, cookies, and the Owl’s specialTEA. With four custom blends available onsite you will find any flavor profile  you need to pair with your pastry.

Featured Teas:

Triple Lemon( Lemongrass, Lemon verbena, Lemon peel)

Black Forrest Berry(Rose petals, blueberries, cherries, rose hips,blue mallow blossoms,

strawberry leaves, & raspberry leaves)

Spring Bloom (Green Rooibos, Raspberry, Jasmine, Rose Petals)

Pure Ginger Tisane (Ginger)


The Downtown Owl

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The Owl has landed not far from home at Gramercy Park’s Pure Food & Wine! A wonderful restaurant that has perfected the craft of raw food. With a seasonal menu that takes into consideration what is fresh and of the moment you will always experience something different in the dining room there.

As you know we at The Teaologist believe that flavor is knowledge  and love the style of cooking at Pure Food & Wine that preserves all of the original flavors of the ingredients. Keeping this and their natural style of cooking in mind the owl and his master teaologists worked closely with Pure Food & Wine to create blends that would compliment the menu.

All of The Teaologist blends available at Pure Food & Wine are organic while maintaining their robust flavor complete with healthful benefits. There are currently seven Teaologist Teas available daily on the menu: Organic Masala Chai(Black Tea, Cinnamon, Cardamom,Ginger, & Cloves),Organic Jasmine Green,Organic Green, Orange Peach Ginger,Organic Oolong Qilan, Organic Green, Red Rooibos, w/ Ginger,Peppermint, Lemongrass,Chamomile, and White Strawberry Razz Hibiscus.

In addition to our iced and hot teas served in the restaurant The Teaologist is also featured on their pure  cocktail list. The “Spring Crush” cocktail consists of our white tisane is paired with sake & lemonade, and is the perfect treat for an outdoor evening out in the city this Spring/Summer.


The Organic Owl

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The Owl is no stranger to nightlife in New York City, and has spent the last two weeks introducing the latest addition to bottle service in Manhattan; TEA! With the help of our good friends at Riff Raffs The Teaologist launched their ” tea mixer” pilot program on March 20 and just finished up last night. Ready to join the ranks of tabletop fixtures Orange Juice & Cranberry Juice the owl created three blends that compliment vodka better than the aforementioned juices.

Riff Raffs is a true pioneer within the nightlife scene, so the Owl and his team knew that not just any blend would do at a venue known for their creative cocktails. The bartenders serve cocktails in everything from a hollowed out coconut to replicas of tiki statuettes. With this in mind the Owl prepared his coconut chai, white tea & strawberry, and Berry Rooibos blends on alternating nights.


Tea on Display

Bringing new meaning to the term " bottle service"








In addition to the complimentary flavor of the prepared teas, the Owl was very conscious on including ingredients that are particularly hydrating so that individuals won’t feel the hard effects of late nights so quickly. Not only are teas more hydrating than the typical juices found with bottle service ,but they also have a lower calorie count.

The night owl is very excited about his latest endeavor as the teas were flying off the tables and exciting patrons all night long. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Riff Raffs yet we would highly recommend it– and if you do happen to find yourself in Park Avenue’s Tiki Palace make sure to ask for The Teaologist!

For more information on our custom blended teas visit the Owl online at


The Boozy Owl

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The healthful Owl established temporary residency at New York City’s Javits Convention Center earlier this week during the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York. The Teaologist was selected to be included  in an area of the show recognized as the ” Healthy Pavilion” . The Owl was in great company, surrounded by other booths, brands, and individuals promoting the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle through food.

Teaologist Founder Jennie Ripps

The Owl was thrilled to be able to impart his flavorful knowledge to the thousands of people that passed through over the course of the three day show. The Teaologist brought 10 of our most popular blends to sample, so that people could experience the flavor through all of their senses and not just by tasting.  ( In case you’ve never tried the aroma and textures of the blends really bring the flavor to life.) The Owl was serving iced tea with two of his most popular blends; Coconut Chai & Berry Rooibos.  The Teaologist team was so thrilled by the rave responses we received; one of the more popular being how truly refreshing our teas are!

Teaologist " Arnold Palmer" Blend

Tea Blends Display

In addition to the constant conversation about everything TEA: brewing instructions, flavor profiles, preferred temperatures, culinary possibilities, etc. Teaologist founder Jennie Ripps was on site providing daily demonstrations in the Healthy Solutions Culinary Theater. Jennie’s primary focus was to educate her audience on the function & flavor of tea, and how this is achieved in all Teaologist blends. She shared a variety of stories including our customized menus for restaurants & coffee shops, the mimicking of alcoholic beverages through tea, and the healthful benefits that Teaologist customers seek when creating their own blends. Listeners were able to sample the Owl’s infamous Bloody Maria if they were in the mood for a tea cocktail.

Healthy Solutions Speaker Schedule

Jennie Ripps Tea Presentation










Outside of booth 2147 the edible options were endless. It was impossible not to indulge as meandered the sprawling aisles of food, beverages, and everything in between. In the mood for some authentic Ramen? No problem; as there was an entire section of the show devoted to Asian cuisine. Perhaps you were in the mood for an alcoholic beverage to wash down all the treats you’d been sampling. Done. All you had to do was make your way to local breweries that had relocated themselves to the Javit’s Center.

There was so many things to sample that the Owl couldn’t even begin to pick a favorite, or share with you all of the various things he savored during the show.  Even with the Owl’s bird’s eye view of the building, he was often stuck in throngs of people that he had no chance but to sample whatever was in front of him. The Owl was so full by day 3 that he was certain his stomach was dragging on the ground when he flew.

The Owl and his team of teaologists met so many great people at the show, and can’t wait to share with you some of the amazing projects we are working on resulting from brand introductions at the show.


The Over Indulged OWL

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The Healthful Owl is pleased to share that he has found himself another home inside a cozy market in New York’s Murray Hill neighborhood.  Health Smart of NY is a natural foods store not to mention one of the area’s best kept secrets, and the Owl is thrilled to find himself in the company of other brands that are working towards achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Aside from natural and organic foods Health Smart specializes in a personalized experience, so whether you are roaming the aisles speaking with the in-house nutritional advisor, sampling Chef Lulu’s extraordinary Asian dishes, or the macrobiotic delicacies of Chef Kezia the healthful Owl trusts that you will find just what you are looking for!

Tea Sampling

Yesterday afternoon the Owl was joined by a few of his Teaologists to introduce the new blends to Health Smart and their clients. It was a bone chilling day in New York , so frequent shop patrons were greeted with hot tea brimming with healthful benefits. The store boasts a tea selection so vast that it requires an entire wall, and we are delighted to be featured here.

There are currently five health minded blends available for purchase at Health Smarts.

The Classic Mint( Green Tea & Peppermint): This refreshing blend is energizing, rich in antioxidants, and helps to keep breath fresh!

Coconut Chai( Black Tea, Chai Spices, Coconut): This blend is excellent for the digestive and respiratory system, as well as soothing sore throats!

Total Wellness(Ginger Root, Saffron, Black Pepper, Licorice, Clove, Green Cardamon,Fennel, Cinnamon, Safflowers,Peppermint, Tulsi): This blend has antibiotic and antiseptic properties, and is great for detoxing the body!

Cold Blend( Lemongrass, White Tea, Ginger, Lemon Peel): This preventative blend is great for fending off colds, infections,coughs, and even the flu; great for keeping your immune system strong!

Sleep Blend( Egyptian Chamomile, Lavender, Valerian, Peppercorn): This soothing blend promotes relaxation and is perfect for a nightcap or in the middle of the day whenever you need a little rest!

We look forward to seeing you in the shop!


The Healthful Owl

The Owl's New Home!

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Last night the Boozy Owl cozied up on The Upper East Side at neighborhood staple, Petaluma to celebrate the debut of his tea cocktails on the menu!  Petaluma has been serving up traditional Italian fare for the last 25 years establishing itself as a destination for New York diners.

As always the Owl & his team of teaologists kept the menu in mind when creating blends for the restaurant.

They decided on three distinct drinks; The Mint Tea Whiskey, The Three Petal Martini, and The East Side Pina. Whether you decide on a Pina to go with your pizza, or a light martini to combat the mozzarella the Owl trusts thatyou will find more than enough to satisfy your cravings.

Stop by and have a drink with the Owl! Petaluma is located at 1356 First Avenue( Corner of 73rd St).

Until We Sip Again…


The Boozy Owl


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