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What’s in My Cup? Ginger

Here at the Brew Lab, we consider ginger a superstar ingredient.

While the knobby root may not be the most aesthetically appealing herb, the flavor and health benefits more than make up for its looks. This spice also happens to be in good company with plant relatives like tumeric, cardamom and galangal.

Ginger is native to the warm regions in South Asia and today is cultivated and used pickled, dried, ground into powder, candied, and fresh. Depending on its preparation, its flavor can be quite spicy, sweet or mild. Because of this range, you’ll find this multipurpose ingredient in savory dinner dishes, sweet desserts, and beverages—our favorite being ginger tisane, of course.

Famed for its natural medicinal properties, ginger may be most well known for its use to ease nausea. There’s a reason you’re offered ginger ale when you have a stomachache (just make sure it has real ginger, and not ginger flavoring!). It is also attributed with immune-boosting properties and aides with general digestion.

Below are a couple of our favorite ginger blends, but be sure to check out our full collection here.

Black & Ginger:

A pure ginger tisane—because ginger doesn’t need additional ingredients to make it great. This tisane is delicious on its own or mixed in tea cocktail form, as designed by Owl’s Brew here.

Black and Ginger

The Siberian (Vanilla Houjicha Ginger):

This blend is considered a coffee lover’s blend because of the rich flavor combination of roasted green tea, vanilla and ginger.

vanilla houjicha ginger


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Hoot Hoot!

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and the Romantic OWL has selected tea blends and brewed up some tea cocktails for those of us aiming to delight our loved one or woo a new one.

Whether you are planning an elaborate affair or a simple evening of amour, a tea toast is the perfect accompaniment.

Below are the OWL’s tea blend picks for this year’s St. Valentine’s that will be sure to strike you and your date with Cupid’s arrow.

Peppermint Trellis

peppermint trellis

Rich in antioxidants, our Peppermint Trellis blend contains white tea, peppermint and strawberries. Peppermint promotes caffeine-free focus, so select this sipper to stay awake for late night cuddles…and then catch some zzzzs with no jitters.   An added Valentine’s bonus: strawberries are a natural aphrodisiac.

Vanilla Houjicha Ginger


The roasted green tea in our Vanilla Houjicha Ginger blend adds a rich layer of complexity to the flavor, and is a favorite tea for coffee lovers. Perfect for the end of an evening, the ginger provides a spicy kick, and vanilla boasts aphrodisiac qualities.

An OWL Tip?  simply add champagne to a cold-brewed Vanilla Houjicha Ginger blend for an extra-special tea cocktail.

Pony Goal Tea Cocktail

Pony Goal

Why not spike your V-day? The Pony Goal tea cocktail is blended from a white tea base–the least processed of teas–and includes three natural aphrodisiacs: dried strawberries, pomegranates and vanilla. This is the OWL’s Valentine drink of choice if you’re looking for a delicious libation.


The Romantic OWL

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Sundance 2013

Hoot Hoot!

The Sundance OWL returned once again to Park City this January to set up a “Tea Bar” in the Talent Resources Luxury Suites.

The TR Suites, which earned NY Observer‘s World Cinema Award for Best SWAG, could not be missed in the Gateway Center in Historic Old Town Park City. Between film screenings, parties and trips to the mountain, festival-goers and celebrities stopped by the Suites for a little R & R. The COVERGIRL Beauty Lounge and Dove Color Care Salon offered beauty and hair services to anyone looking for a little extra glamour (or in case there were some late nights).

Other brands alongside The Teaologist in the Suites included ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water, Sensa Weight-Loss System, National Geographic, Sean John Clothing, Gillette, Sabra Dipping Co., Duracell Powermats, Lenovo Powered by IZEA, LYFE Kitchen, and Hint Water.

Our neighbors, Macaron Magnifique, turned out to be a perfect match for guests looking to pair something sweet with our tea samples, as Octavia Spencer demonstrates, below.

Octavia Spencer

 Michael N. Todaro Photography

Many other celebrity guests stopped by to say hello to the OWL and pick up custom looseleaf tea blends, tea bags and our special OWL mug by The Teaologist. Sippers included Jane Lynch, Mario Lopez, Kate Voegele, Heather Kafka, Casey Anderson, Alex Lombard, Jennifer Coolidge, Skylar Grey and Scottie Thompson.

Jane Lynch found the Sundance OWL adorable and she wasn’t the only one–a few guests even tried to sneak away with him.

Jane Lynch

 Michael N. Todaro Photography

Casey Anderson from National Geographic walked away with a special OWL mug by The Teaologist after sharing his fascination with the creatures.


Arden Myrin and a friend are self-proclaimed “tea freaks” and thoroughly enjoyed the samples.


 Michael N. Todaro Photography

Kate Voegele sipped on the Darjeeling Hibiscus blend and found it to be refreshing and light.


Skylar Grey insisted she “lives for tea”–a lady after our own heart!


Jennifer Coolidge enjoyed sampling the tea and took an OWL mug for the road.


Michael N. Todaro Photography

The Teaologist’s Jessica Brown and Mario Lopez talked tea.


Michael N. Todaro Photography

Overall the OWL had an amazing time in Park City making new connections and spreading the love of tea.

As always, if tea is missing from your life, The Teaologist tea blends can be found online at TheTeaologist.com

View the full image gallery here ( Michael N. Todaro Photography):

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NARS Andy Warhol Collection

Hoot Hoot!  The stylish OWL was thrilled to be asked to create custom tea cocktails at an editor event at Martin Lawrence Gallery for the NARS launch of their Andy Warhol makeup collection.

Our Teaologists were inspired by this glam pairing of art and makeup, and were thrilled that we could be cocktail artistes in honor of the occasion.

The editors who came to check out the Andy Warhol NARS collection and Andy Warhol art at Martin Lawrence were served two fabulous tea cocktails: Flowers Sweet”, named in honor of Warhol’s iconic Flowers Suite – which we made with Rooibos, Rose Petals, Jasmine Flowers and Champagne, andShadow” named in honor of both Warhol’s Shadows collection and eyeshadow – a decadent champagne cocktail that included roasted green tea, vanilla, and ginger.
Check out some images from the event below.  As special treat for OWL-watchers, we’ve also provided a recipe for SHADOW Cocktail!

xoxo The stylish OWL

Champagne & Tea

Editors check out some art before viewing the new makeup line

Flowers Suite

DIY:  SHADOW Tea Cocktail

1.  Brew and chill The Teaologist’s Vanilla Houjicha Ginger Blend

2.  Sweeten tea – about 1 tablespoon of agave or sweetener of your choice per 3-4oz

3.  Pop open a bottle of champagne or prosecco

4.  Pour equal amounts of tea and champagne into flute or glass

5.  Bottoms up!

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The Teaologist’s FNO and Fashion Week Schedule

Hoot Hoot!  The Stylish OWL is looking forward to another Fashion Week in NYC and we’re kicking off the celebration on Fashion’s Night Out!  As usual, we are participating in the festivities by keeping our fashionable friends well-hydrated all week long.  Check out our Fashion Week Agenda, and please be sure to let us know if you can come by any of the open events @theteaologist.

The OWl will also be partnering up with British brand Molton Brown for Fashion’s Night Out.  There, we will be serving refreshing iced teas, created exclusively for Molton Brown, using botanicals and florals found in their sensational hair care line.    Molton Brown’s FNO has already been selected by Racked.com as the one of the top ten places to eat (and drink!) on FNO, http://ny.racked.com/archives/2012/08/31/top_ten.php

We are also thrilled to be teaming up with our friends at the lovely Maria Bonita Salon for our 4th FNO with them.  Keeping with tradition, we will be pouring (and spiking) delicious Hibiscus infused “Berry Bonitas” at FNO, as well as teaming up with INOX Cachaca to introduce delicious cocktails with a brazilian flare.  Stop by to check them out!   Image

On Friday, from 4pm – 6pm, The Teaologist will provide iced teas inspired Misha Vaidya’s By Misha Wishing Well Collection.   Her beautiful line is whimsical and inspired by a fairy tales.  The Teaologist will be featuring a tea bar with flower-based mocktails, in honor of the fashion presentation.


The OWL will get some rest on Saturday, but on Sunday we will be flying high again at the The Daily Style Sessions and Modelina’s Catwalk Concierge at the Empire Hotel. The lounge will be buzzing with models and celebrities alike, so the OWL will be gifting and pouring in good company.  Other brands that we will be sharing a room with will include Tic Tac, Alex & Ani, Clos du Bois, Pixi Beauty, Hanes and many others!

On Sunday night, the Night Owl is taking on Fashion Week and will be serving up tea cocktails to the beats of Questlove, at Modelinia’s Fashion Week Kick Off Party.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for additional fashion week updates, and stay tuned for our fashion week wrap-up.   Cheers!


The Stylish OWL

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What’s in my cup? Hibiscus!

Darjeeling Hibiscus and Spring Trellis are two of our most popular teas this summer.  Why you may ask? Because of the hibiscus of course! There is evidence that in ancient times the hibiscus tea was the favorite drink of Egypt’s Pharoahs – which means that when you enjoy this tea you are sharing in an ancient – royal – pleasure! Image

Drinking tea with hibiscus has been known to effectively lower blood pressure as well as reduce cholesterol. These health benefits are good for all ages and can help improve your well being no matter your age.  Hibiscus is also caffeine-free so there is no need to worry about sleepless nights.


The hibiscus plant is usually found in tropical and subtropical regions, so it makes sense that is an ideal sip is perfect for a summer iced-tea. About 15-30 percent of the hibiscus plant is made up of plant acids such as citric acid and tartaric acid, providing the teas with a  tart and delicious flavor.


Here’s a tea tip: mix our spring trellis blend with vodka, a dash of agave, and a splash of lime to finish the summer off with that a fruit-forward and deliciously refreshing cocktail! You can garnish with hibiscus for a flirty, fun look! 

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What’s in my cup? Raspberries!

With the summer well underway and the berry blossoms in full bloom now is a perfect time to showcase one of our most popular fruity, summer ingredients: raspberries.

At The Teaologist, “Flavor is   Knowledge”, and we use only all natural, whole, dried raspberries (and no added flavors) in our tea blends so that we can guarantee you are getting the yummiest flavor, and a boatload of nutritional benefits.

One for our top selling blends, The Camus , is made up of Rooibos, Blueberries, Raspberries, and Strawberries, and we love sipping this fruity, delectable beverage – it’s a bonus that it’s chock-full of health benefits.Image

Raspberries are rich in health-promoting flavonoids which help play a role in heart health. These ruby berries also help prevent obesity and age-related decline like a slower metabolism, all while delivering a healthy dose of our favorite antioxidants, vitamins A and E.  The little red fruits help to improve eyesight and memory functions, and are rich in anti-inflammatories. Keep sipping, and you’ll benefit from their high content of potassium, manganese, copper, iron, and magnesium.

One fun idea – make your healthy tipple a little “dirtier” by spiking it with vodka and a splash of tonic or touch of agave. We’ll drink to that!


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