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What’s in My Cup? Peppermint!


In light of the onset of the academic year, we’d like to feature one of our favorite focus-promoting herbs: peppermint. This leaf also happens to make a delicious tisane, alone or combined with other herbs and teas.

A hybrid between water-mint and spearmint, peppermint is native to Europe but is now grown worldwide. Originally cultivated as far back as ten-thousand years ago, peppermint has a storied history of medicinal uses including treatment for nausea and as a digestive aide. Other benefits attributed to peppermint and its aroma are improved alertness, memory and focus—all helpful as we return from summer vacations.

Along with its medicinal uses, peppermint oil is commonly employed as a perfume for skincare products and a natural flavoring in food and beverages. Additionally, the herb can be sprinkled onto all types of dishes, and in particular fresh peppermint leaves are a tasty addition to salads, cocktails and desserts.

Dried peppermint leaves are what we here at The Teaologist care most about. A peppermint tisane can be used to soothe a sore throat, or to provide morning clarity without the caffeine jitters. Our Peppermint Trellis and Chamomile Peppermint blends (pictured below) are two of our favorite, hot or cold.

Peppermint Trellis: An energizing blend comprised of peppermint, white tea and whole strawberries.


Chamomile Peppermint: This simple combination of chamomile flowers and peppermint makes for a light and smooth tisane that is sure to calm the body and mind.



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What’s in My Cup? Lemon Verbena!

Lemon Verbena

Health comes in a wonderful array of flavors — admittedly, some of these flavors are less than palatable, but such is the sacrifice we make for wellness!  On the other hand, some foods make living a healthier lifestyle nothing less than a treat.  The lemon verbena herb is a prime example of a healthful and delectable nourishment.

Lemon verbena originates from western South America and was introduced to the global market in the 1700s. This herb has a history as rich as its scent—it was hailed in antiquity as a sacred and medicinal plant and used in drinks and teas for festive parties and parades.  In France during the 1850s  it became the main ingredient in many colognes of that era.

Most importantly to us here at The Teaologist, lemon verbena makes for an especially amazing tisane! In addition to the tangy essence, lemon verbena features an impressive range of health benefits.  It is known to help reduce anxiety, ease fevers and asthma, and relax muscles.  It is also highly regarded as a tonic for the nervous system, and is a mood-booster that helps eliminate stress.

Take advantage of the virtuous lemon verbena herb and try one of our featured blends: Lemon Verbena Peppermint, and the tea cocktail version, created by Owl’s Brew:

Lemon Verbena Peppermint: A caffeine-free blend, this tisane is perfect for the morning, as its components are naturally energizing.

Lemon Verbena Peppermint

Lemon Verbena Peppermint Tea Mojito by Owl’s Brew: A grown-up spin on the energizing tisane, this blend, when paired with lime juice, club soda, mint, agave and rum, is a great late afternoon refresher or evening sipper.


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What’s in My Cup? Blueberries!


Summer is quintessentially American: The Fourth of July, fireworks, fairs and best of all, food and beverages! Americana is largely defined by the slew of good eats and drinks that you find come summertime. And summer isn’t complete without an essential component to the red, white and blue: berries! From tarts, pies, cookies, jams, even water infusions, blueberries are a staple during the warmer months. America seems to agree, as blueberries are only second to strawberries in consumption. However, not all are aware that the robust fruit provides more than just incredible flavor—it also maintains a host of nutritional benefits.

Most of the star power in blueberries resides in the high level of antioxidants. Also found in many other super-foods such as tomatoes, peaches and kale, antioxidants are naturally occurring vitamins that remove potentially damaging agents within living organisms. Initially used as a defense mechanism to keep the fruit healthy, all the antioxidant benefits transfer to you when consumed. The antioxidants in blueberries are promised to play a major role in skin revival, cancer prevention and brain vitality. Additionally, blueberries are ranked quite low on the glycemic index (GI), which means they are a natural bearer of essential antioxidants and vitamins without the high sugar level content.

So eat and drink up your blueberries! In the spirit of the blueberry’s peak season being summer, we at The Teaologist are featuring our two most popular berry blends:  The Camus and Berry Bunch:

The Camus

The Camus: With a bright burst of berry flavor, this tisane blend provides the perfect mixture of palatable appeal and nutrition. The hydrating effects courtesy of the rooibos and a touch of natural sweetness from the blueberries and raspberries makes The Camus a summertime essential.

  • berry bunch

Berry Bunch:  A colorful conglomerate of herbs, petals, and of course, blueberries compose this action-packed blend. Absolutely brimming with antioxidants, the Berry Bunch’s tart and fruity flavor makes a delicious iced tea.

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What’s in My Cup? Rooibos!

Honey Bear

Honey Bear Blend by The Teaologist

Rooibos. It’s a word that doesn’t easily roll off the tongue, with properties and benefits that are much less known than its pronunciation. Those navigating the health-kick arena may recognize rooibos  as the ‘red bush’ (hence, it’s alternative moniker rotbusch), with its characteristic reddish brown stems.  Though only grown in the northern, mountainous regions of Cape Town, South Africa, rooibos is turning out to be quite an international sensation.

Rooibos is sometimes fittingly referred to as a “coffee drinker’s tea,” in relation to its nutty, hickory-like palatable quality.  More so, the bold tisane is repeatedly hailed for its high infusion of antioxidants, which is strongly believed to treat high blood pressure and allergen-related diseases. Rooibos is said to maintain even more antioxidant flavanoids than green and white teas, which certainly helps add to the herb’s growing repertoire! Aside from its antioxidant capacity, rooibos is naturally caffeine-free and provides essential electrolytes–making it and ultra-hydrating beverage, perfect for the active tea drinker.

The Teaologist features a wide selection of teas and tisanes that feature and highlight the remarkable taste and health qualities of rooibos, such as the popular berry rooibos blend, The Camus, the fragrant mixture of our Spring Trellis tea, and the heart warming Honey Bear blend.

The Camus

The Camus

Spring Trellis

Spring Trellis

Visit theteaologist.com for more from our rooibos and tisane selections!

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What’s in My Cup? Strawberries!

Although March in NYC has felt awfully winter-like, springtime has officially started. This means warmer weather, spring flowers and local produce will soon be drawing us outdoors. Strawberries–one of the OWL’s favorite fruits–happens to be in  peak season just around the corner starting in April and going through June. As the most cultivated berry in the U.S., our adoration of this delectable, natural treat is not uncommon.

For as far back as ancient Roman times, the strawberry has been noted for its medicinal use, and the fruit has not fallen out of favor over the centuries. Today, we see the modern strawberry in desserts and savory dishes alike. Bright and aromatic, strawberries are delicious when freshly picked, preserved in jams or baked in pies. Another creative way to take advantage of the rich flavor in strawberries is by adding them to beverages–tea in particular!

The Teaologist tea blends only include whole dried fruit (no added flavoring) for a reason: to optimize the nutritional benefits and flavors of the ingredients.

Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C, fiber, flavonoids and many other nutrients. Adding whole, dried strawberries to a tea blend can work to soften harsh or bitter flavors, or boost a sweeter flavor profile.

Below are two of our favorite blends that incorporate the strawberry. For the moment at least, these blends may be brewed hot, but soon enough you’ll be enjoying an iced glass under the sun.

The Berry Bunch blend is fruit-forward and includes both dried strawberries and strawberry leaves as well as rose petals, blueberries, cherries, rosehips, blue mallow blossom and raspberry leaves.

berry bunch

A tea twist on the classic, the Arnold Palmer blend features white tea, strawberry, strawberry leaf and rose petals.


Happy Spring!


The Sunshine OWL

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